Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sorry its been so long since this has been update.  I'm serving in the Olmstead area AKA the Bronx !

We were on our way home when we saw a little boy walking all by
himself. He was looking around like he was lost so we went up to him
and asked if he needed help. He said he was walking home and when we
asked, he said we could walk with him. He said he lived in Parkchester
and that is only ten minutes away. He was super cute but talked really
quietly so it was hard to hear him. His name was King and he was 7
years old. He said he was walking home from school, but went the wrong
way and he didn't know why. We asked him if he thought his mom was
worried about him but he just shrugged his shoulders. So he led the
way home and took us in SO many circles. It was getting late so we
asked him if he wanted a police officer to take him home (cause we
were passing one) but he said that his apartment is "just behind that
building". He told us that so many times. We finally get to his
building and wait inside to be buzzed in, and a police officer walks
right pass us, and then stopped halfway through the second door and
look at the kid and said "King? Are you king???" The police had been
looking for him for 6 hours! They said he had walked home with his
friends from school, but when his mom called him inside he just ran
away and never came back.

We went on a split with the English STL's and I took over the Spanish
area! I had to teach in Spanish for 24 hours by myself. The hardest
part was translating Sister Zelayas testimony into Spanish. That was

Our ward is just the best. We were at a Relief Society activity and it
was pretty late when it ended and one of the lady's just yells out in
Spanish, "get the food ready the missionaries need to leave!" And then
later after we ate Hermana Payne told me to get more cake to take home
cause there was still a lot. So I got over there and ask for some and
the lady serving had a really thick Dominican accent and I didn't
understand what she said so I just answered "Si", and the bilingual 11
year old tells me "you don't have a clue what she said do you". Nope,
not at all. Hermana Payne told me later that she said we had
already ate, but whenever she said, this another member we go see,
Headalina, just tells her "she's a missionary" and puts two huge
pieces on my plate! Ah I love her!

We were walking down the street and this family behind us yells out
"Miss! Miss!" So we turn around and they are like "Oh, we were looking
for the Jehovah Witnesses". We tried to talk with them but they wanted
nothing to do with us. They started walking ahead of us and talked
about us in Spanish not thinking we could understand them

Hope everyone had a chance to watch conference! I know the prophet and
apostles are inspired and have been called of God. And by following
their council we can grow closer to Christ, I know that no sacrifice
is too great to give. Trust in the Lord! He is there!