Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Everything is Funnier in the CCM (MTC)

Everyone one is getting sick at the CCM, I am one of the few who are ok! My companion Hna. McDougal was sick for a few days, it was rough.

Teaching in Spanish is really hard, but it is already getting so much easier! Tomorrow is our first time teaching someone other than our teachers ( a TRC) and im pretty nervous. Odds are it will be a member or a less active.

One of my language teachers is so funny! An elder from my district, Elder Winegar had to get on the floor and do 5 pushups repeating "mensajero, messager" with every pushup. Made my day!

 Tambien, we were in the TALL lab working on language exercises on the computers and another district in our branches teacher, Hno. Guerrero, left his phone sitting on the desk. So our teacher, Hno. Ortiz, stole it! We watched him look for it and told him we hadn´t seen it.

We were back in our classroom for personal study when he walks in and says "you are all LIARS!" We died laughing. He told us that judgment day will come and he will look down on us from the Celestial Kingdom and say "HA HA HA!" Right then Hno. Ortiz walked in and Hno. Guerrero glared at him a says really deep with a intense glare "Usted Tambien -_-" (you too) He is the funniest person.

Yesterday in the TALL lab, me and Hno. Guerrero sang Do You Want To Build a Snowman together in Spanish. It was so fun! Knowing Disney songs in Spanish before I came has turned out to be useful in more that one instance.

 Last night when we went back to the classroom to get our bags we found letters and candy on our desks from Hna. Asay and Hna. Nusink!! They are our casa mates. They left me a bueno bar that said "having you in our district is bueno". Bueno bars are AMAZING. They are kind of like nutella waffers. Almost everyday we make bets and we always bet on Bueno bars. We are all planning on stocking up before we go back to the US.
We went to the temple today! IT WAS AMAZING!! So gorgeous. The temple workers had the hardest time finding a dress long enough for me,( as I'm 5'11")  I ended up with a super huge dress so the length would work.
The Temple is gorgeous here. Inside when they dimmed the lights, the chandeliers glowed and orange red color. It was beautiful.
On the bus ride back to the CCM we sang hyms and we sounded professional. People in Mexico are crazy on the roads though, and the public busses are so full of people that they litterally hang out the door to stay on. We were at a stoplight and when we moved forward the mirror on our bus hit the back of a guys head on the bus next to us! The guy looked pretty stunned, but for the most part he didn't seem to care. 

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