Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hermana McCoen

Hermana McDougal and I (now known as Hermana. McCoen) have finally gotten to the point where we can communicate in Spanish! Well... we thought we had, until we started sitting next to Latinos at dinner. They make fun of our Spanish, a lot, and the way we eat our food, but they are all super nice.

Yesterday we were talking with a Latino janitor in the hallway named Gabriel, and he was the greatest ever! He had us bear our testimonies in Spanish, and then he tried in English. Before we left, he was so excited to show us what the elders in another district taught him. And then he started to "whip" and he had the lyrics so wrong, but when he threw his hands in the air and sang "Now watch me Nay Nay!" We DIED laughing. He was the greatest.


Teaching is definitely starting to improve, our teacher Hermana Arnoud told us that we were the best and most dedicated in the class. And she is starting to have us join the other companions’ lessons as "members" so we can try to guide them more.

I found out that both of my districts teachers, Hermana Arnoud and Hermano Ortiz are known for being the toughest teachers in the CCM. Sometimes it’s rough but I enjoy how much they push us.

I got a care package from my momma with two boxes of donuts, so we invited the Latinas in the casa to our room to share. They are the cutest EVER. The next morning when we had woken up we found sticky notes all down the hallway that read:

5 Febrero 2016

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2

¡Gracias por las donas!

The next day having Fast Sunday in the CCM with a box of donuts on the table was ROUGH. But the day was great. Elder Alfredo MirĂ³n of the 70 came and talked about how we all need to make changes in our lives: not tomorrow, today. It was such a wonderful talk. He didn´t speak in English so a member of the CCM presidency translated the whole thing for us English speaking folks.

The whole CCM has the cold, me included. The Presidency even asked us to all stop shaking hands! 

Weekends in Mexico are full of parties. All through the night you can hear music playing and so many fireworks! It’s the best.

My funny stories for the week: 

Elder Simonton was speaking Spanish to an older Latina and she told him his accent was so bad she thought he was speaking English!

Elder Winegar was asked " ¡Hola! ¿Cual es su nombre?" (What is your name?) and replied "¡Bien! ¿Usted?" (good, you?)

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