Monday, February 22, 2016

The toaster is on Fire, The Toilet is a Geyser, and the Sink is a Waterfall !

We have a dysfunctional companionship…

We tried to make toast in a fancy toaster and the bread got stuck in the back and it caught on fire!

I had always heard stories of how the toilets here, on occasion, will erupt.   I’m not sure I really comprehended the severity of it, until it happened to me. The automatic flush went off and water shot into the air! I have never run out of a stall so fast. And I stayed dry!

Then Hermana McDougal was washing her hands and the faucet cap must have broken, because water rushed out. It couldn’t drain fast enough and made quite the mess.

70 new missionaries came this week. Biggest group sense we have been here. There are a little over 200 missionaries in the CCM now. Because it´s so small and everyone stays so long, we all know each other really well. Yesterday I was getting my lunch tray and a missionary I didn´t recognize named Elder Reidhead told me Buenas Tardes. He was way too relaxed to be new, but I hadn´t seen him before. After we sat down him and his companion came and ate with us. We found out that they are assistants to the president in one of the Mexico missions and were there picking up new missionaries. He has 8 months left of his mission and was full of great stories. 

Earlier last week we were in the computer lab for TALL and Elder Simonton told us in Spanish that he was completely fluent in Spanish and it was only his "quatro" week. Just then Hermano. Ortiz walks in and corrects him saying "quatra" and walks right back out another door. A lesson on humility.

That same class when we kneeled down for closing prayer, Hermano. Guerrero (now known as Hermano. Mentir) walks in and falls to the ground next to us and mock worships Allah! He is the funniest person here.

Also, I found out that at the end of every day, our teachers write an individual report on each missionary that our mission presidents have access to! Motivation to work right there.

For one of our progressing investigators we made the coolest analogy with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Super Mario Brothers. We spent our whole study time drawing pictures on index cards for it. We said that the sacrament is like hitting a checkpoint in the game and it makes you bigger. And we told her that she was Princess Peach and Christ wants to save her.

Some words are so similar to each other in Spanish. Hermana Arnoud was telling us about one of her companions, that in the SAME LESSON said that Jesus called twelve "cakes", we are forgiven of our "fish" and that she was "pregnant" instead of "embarrassed"

The Latinas in our casa left yesterday morning, they were the best! We took pictures with them and the next morning when we woke up we found chocolates and a note outside our door with all their email addresses. 

Love the CCM Life!

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